A book about the history, prohibition, research and most importantly the people effected by medical cannabis.


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It was here before we were, this strange and wonderful plant. When we arrived, it fed us, it clothed us, it helped us make ships to sail the seas and discover the world. It's special medicine was understood by us over 4000 years ago. It healed our wounds, soothed our pain,. It even helped us mourn our dead and helped us to understand ourselves and our spirituality. We fought wars with it. We fought wars over it. And when we won our freedom, we waved a flag made from it and wrote the documents that created our government on paper made from it. We built a new nation with it.

Then, for all the wrong reasons; greed, hatred, fear; we took it away from the world with lies and deception and punished anyone who tried to benefit from it. We destroyed families, ruined generations. Lost precious lives.

Now, its coming back, and we are rediscovering what we once knew and realizing that there is far more to know.

This was a gift for the ages of man, past, present and future.

The truth shall set us free.

Let's not blow it this time. 

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from author Gary J Stein, MPH

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Gary J Stein, MPH

Medical Cannabis,

its prohibition and the

lives it's transforming now